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The most recent pages of The Legend of Zelda : Lurking Shadows doujinshi will be displayed here! Enjoy! ;)

Welcome to LurkingShadowsFANS!!!

Lurking Shadows fans, welcome to the LurkingShadowsFANS group! :D This group was created for you and for your love of my doujinshi. For real Zelda games related stuff, please submit at my other group here :a-link-for-the-fans.deviantart…

:heart::heart::heart: Once a month, a Lurking Shadows character will be chosen and exclusive info will be revealed on that character on a daily basis (at least I will try to do it on a daily basis). These exclusive news will be told through a journal entry and only in this group, so I would recommend to become a member or at least to watch the group to make sure you will not miss any exclusive info regarding your favorite character! ;)

So once again, welcome to LurkingShadowsFANS and have fun in this group!

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In Solt'herith, five tribes can be found :

:bulletpurple: Of course, Solt'herians, who are the main tribe in Solt'herith. Crown Prince Garland and princess Ophelia Solt'he are among Solt'herian royalty and  all Solt'herians are named after the Solt'he royal family name.
:bulletpurple: The Hufaeh, a tribe of mixed blood of Faeh (fairies) and Solt'herian people.
:bulletpurple: Mermaids, who lives in the ocean nearby the Imperial city.
:bulletpurple: Stranded Mermaids, who are mermaids who transformed into human form to travel on land and who forgot how to turn back into a mermaid. Stranded mermaids are a shame to the mermaid tribe and thus must remain on land once they become Stranded.
:bulletpurple: Finally Laviahns, distant cousins of the Goron tribe found in Hyrule and who are mostly made of lava.

Comments? Questions? Feel free to comment in the comment section and to ask your questions there as well! ;)
Well, the reason is simple : he was originally meant by Nintendo to be an avatar linking the player to the game, and thus a link.

Funny, isn't it?! :D

It is also why Link does not talk in his games, but I have heard that Nintendo was considering alowwing him to talk in the upcoming Zelda for the WiiU... I really hope these rumors are true!!!

Please Nintendo, give Link a great voice and great sentences to say so we, fangirls, can drool over it...

Aah... Just thinking about a talking Link, with a deep, manly voice, makes me drool...

what do you think about it, guys?
Sad Mynphrah is sad... :cry:

In barely two weeks, :iconlurkingshadowsfans: lost two watchers. Why?! I guess I am not fast enough when it comes to posting new pages and to keep this group interesting. Or maybe this group is boring already?!


I know that among you there are true fans of my fan-comic. To you, I shall entrust the mission of helping Lurking Shadows and :iconlurkingshadowsfans: to become more poular and to arract more fans to the comic and more members to the group. I am counting on you, guys!!! :eager:
Although Lurking Shadows' story unveils slowly to all of you as each page takes so much time to draw, the storyline of Lurking Shadows is decided and of course I know of all important events to occur, including how the story will end and also, what will happen to Link.

I will not say anything about the fate awaiting Link. But I am curious about what you think will happen to him.  Did you ever wonder about Lurking Shadows' ending, and if you did, how you expect it to be? I would love to know about it. :)

Many Lurking Shadows characters' fate is sealed, and this includes Garland, Ophelia, Nathaniel, Grandma, Dark Link and Link himself.

Who will die and who will survive?

How far will Dark Link go in order to reach his goals?

What will happen to Hyrule and Solt'herith?

Very often I wish I could be able to draw faster, as I am so eager to share the really interesting events that are coming up in the story!!!

But well...

Since I can't...

Do you have any idea about what could happen to Link until I reaveal the truth?
When Lance was still alive and well, he was enjoying quite a few hobbies. Among them, he was reknowned for his exceptional forging skills and he forged his own sword as well as Ryan's unique rapier. Lance's swords and rapiers were well-known for their incredible strenght and durability, and were very popular among the nobility. But Lance being a noble young man himself, he could hardly hope to live off forgery and thus, his swords and rapiers were very rare and thus even more valuable. When he died, his trusted sword became the only sword Nathaniel would wield, and Ryan also wanted to wield his rapier and nothing else.

Lance was also a very talented pianist, and he often played music with Link, who was of course playing the Ocarina and Ryan playing the violin. The trio were all exceptional musicians, but while Link never gave up playing the Ocarina, Ryan completely stopped playing the violin after Lance's death.

And finally, Lance was an incredible swordsman, like everyone else who were part of the Albertine family. He was not only Link's tutor, but he was also the private swordsmanship teacher of many noble people, including the infamous Crown Prince Garland Solt'he himself and of course Ryan. Lance knew sword moves from every style exisiting, and was par with Link's sword skills.

Lance was an amazing young man for his age, but unfortunately, the tragedy that occured could not be prevented...
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To Sae who's answered me~

That was fairly interesting! just wow- I guess Hufaeh people get really interesting jobs when they're of age(or i don't know, earlier?), right? 
Sapphire-Lynx4 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Well hello~!
I have a tiny question for Sir Ryan Albertine ewe

So, is there a "special someone" in your life? No girl catch your eye yet, huh? wink wonk
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Ryan has replied to you! ;)
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i have a question for Dark link

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Ps. if you want a friend i can be your friend since i don't have mutch friends either.
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When I learnt about your people, the Hufaeh, I became intrigued. So you are shorter, winged and and capable.of mind-readong? I must say that is amazing. How can you do all that? Hehem I mean, how do you guys work? Im curious, so sorry! nwnU
Mynhphrah Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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100 members!!! And 111 watchers.

Those are nice numbers.
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